Rumble Strips

SPT Rumble Strip Contracting

SPT is the nation’s largest contractor for shoulder and centerline rumble strips. SPT has cut over 150,000 miles of shoulder rumble strips in every state combating drift-off and head-on highway crashes.

dm6-optThe reason our competitors have only a fraction of our experience is simple — they haven’t been competitive. Our customers know that when you factor in our production, uncontested reliability, and tens of thousands of miles in cutting experience, SPT always offers the lowest cost option.

Rumble strips are often the final item on your construction schedule. Installation time must be fast, accurate and reliable. Nobody in the industry can meet these requirements like SPT.


SPT’s NoisePrint mills use a patented, computer-controlled exclusive milling process for maximum speed.

Our mills can achieve speeds of up to 360 cuts per minute, or over 20 miles of asphalt rumble strips in a single eight hour shift. We can finish your project up to four times faster than our closest competitors.

And time saved on the job is money saved on traffic control, clean up costs, liquidated damages, or early completion incentives.

Click here to watch a video of a NoisePrint Mill at work.


As a leader in the industry, SPT’s quality control is unmatched. We staff every crew with a quality assurance foreman that immediately radios our operator to adjust for any change in conditions affecting cut quality. In every state, we have worked closely with highway offices to promote the highest standards for rumble strip specifications. We know our reputation rests with meeting those standards on every cut.

No Downtime

With the high cost of downtime, NOISEPRINT’s reliability is a proven asset. Because NOISEPRINT controls the movement of the milling head with electronic data, it eliminates the extraordinary stress on moving parts that can cause excessive downtime on modified rotomills or similar equipment. In the rare occasion that a replacement part is not on-site, SPT airships the part directly to the job—often within hours of the order.

If necessary, SPT can supply additional mills to your project for immediate back-up or early completion. This commitment, combined with refined technology, has kept the downtime on NOISEPRINT mills to less than 1% of total operational hours nationwide.


SPT has been designing and manufacturing rumble strip equipment since the first cuts were made on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1990. As contractors who have constructed more than 150,000 miles of rumble strips, SPT has gained the experience necessary to construct the fastest and most reliable rumble strip mills in the world.