SPT International

SPT InternationalSPT is looking for partners around the world. Whether you are looking to purchase or lease a NoisePrint mill, SPT will assist you in market development, presentations to the host government, and employee training.

We design and manufacture the fastest and most reliable rumble strip mills in the world. Our NoisePrint mills can cut over 35 kilometers of rumble strips in a single eight-hour shift. And our mills have averaged a downtime of less than 1% in 80,000 kilometers of work we have completed.

SPT will also help develop the rumble strip market in your country. We have played a pivotal role in the development of the U.S. market for shoulder rumble strips. We have conducted presentations on the success of rumble strips throughout the United States and we have assisted department of transportation offices in the development of rumble strip specifications, project design, and advice on maintenance and protection of traffic on rumble strip projects.

The Right Partner

SPT wants you to be the most competitive rumble strip contractor in your country.

We are looking for established highway contractors that offer a variety of highway contracting services. (In a new market, rumble strip contracting should not be a company’s only line of work.)

The right partner will have experienced operators and mechanics on staff that can operate the equipment and conduct daily on-the-job maintenance.

The right partner also understands the advantages of playing an active role in the development of his country’s rumble strip market. Through presentations to your government transportation department, we help promote a healthy market for your business.