About Surface Preparation Technologies (SPT)

Surface Preparation Technologies is a nationwide rumble strip contractor, functioning both as a general contractor and a subcontractor. Our equipment is second to none in terms of speed and reliability. SPT’s main office is located in central Pennsylvania with another main hub in Minnesota.  

Surface Preparation Technologies was founded in 1988, initially providing shot blasting and other surface preparation services to road and bridge builders. In 1990, SPT was asked to develop a method for putting shoulder rumble strips on the Pennsylvania turnpike. In 1992, the Company was granted its first patent. Since then, SPT has been manufacturing its own equipment and has cut over 250,000 miles of rumble strips in almost every state.  

 In 2018, SPT acquired the rumble strip assets of its main competitor in Minnesota, expanding its nationwide reach. In 2021, SPT acquired Traffic Safety Services, Inc. (TSS) in Bismarck, ND. TSS provides related highway safety services such as pavement marking, traffic control, and permanent sign installation in the upper mid-west. To learn more about TSS, click here. 

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